Inspired by a "Hard Road" {Rockwall Photographer}

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Hard Road, stated the tattoos on his fingers as he displayed them to me. He was a pastor from a different part of town and I could tell he had an incredible story within him. Unfortunately, I didn't get the time to sit back down with him and hear his story. I love to hear stories. All of it.  The good, the bad, the ugly. It all chisels a piece of us to form us into what we are destined to become. 

Everyone has a story. Everyone has factors that have chiseled them into what they have become. To see past the end product and see WHAT chiseled them, is to truly begin discovering someone, to decide to go past the 'book cover' perceptions and assumptions and get to know someone. Because you never know what road someone is on and as the song goes, "Cause there's no road that ain't a hard road to travel on". 


Hard Road lyrics ~ Sam Roberts

Feel, Feel it grow

In your mind, in your mind

Life is how you live it

Through time, through time

I have a vision in my mind of a life that I've left behind

Yeah, can't you see that lost souls can't swim

You know you'll sink, but you still jump in...



Perhaps today is a good day to give someone the benefit of the doubt... To choose to listen and perhaps discover something extraordinary about them and even about yourself. 


Amor y Pura Vida, 





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