The Lake House

May 30, 2012  •  1 Comment

I took the job in North Carolina. Returning after two years in Afghanistan as a contractor, I took the job (sort of on a passionate whim) working as a Technology Advisor for a great group of people who do great things for this country. I wasn't fully prepared for the extensiveness of the position or the amount of things I DID NOT know, but I took the challenge and grew immensely as a person in those two years.


What made this place heaven for me? It wasn't the job, not that I didn't love it. It wasn't friends, because honestly, my girl friends... to include my best friend, Mary Ann, are spread around the world... and not one falls on North Carolina. It wasn't family... my blood family (besides my mom) resides in Costa Rica and my wonderful American family completely resides in Louisiana. It wasn't the convenience of having everything near by... because NOTHING was near by. 


What made the outskirts of Sanford, NC {just North of Ft. Bragg} "o.k."... was the Lake House. With Mike's deployment schedule, we knew we wanted to settle down in a secure area, where I could feel safe when he wasn't home, and neighbors were always around to lend a hand if needed. We found Carolina Lakes through a mutual friend, John, and when we saw the area, we were hooked. We didn't really look anywhere else. We found the house on the first day. Yes, I know, my passion flaring up again! The house from the front does not present an extravagant entryway and isn't overly special... but when I walked in and could look straight through to the lake in the back yard... I was hooked. Nestled in a cul-de-sac on 'Ski Lake', this house was 'IT'. It wasn't 'big', by American standards, yet it was plenty big enough for us! It provided me the privacy I so desperately needed at the time and the nature, trees, water, swans, and sunsets were a constant source of inspiration. Did I mention SUNSETS? You simply don't understand the beauty of the sunsets on this lake. Often displaying every color of the spectrum they were magical and I experienced such magic every single night.


I say good-bye to our Lake House in North Carolina as I have entered the plains of Eastern Texas, more specifically, the very hot plains of Rockwall County! I know I will love it here, but I will always remember our house on the lake. It calmed my soul after so many years of inner turmoil, it welcomed my first child, Savannah, into its walls... it was the first home for Barney, our sweet and skittish rescue dog... and most importantly, it was the FIRST home that Mike and I had together as we started our life together. At the end of the day, I know that a house a home does not make... your FAMILY a home makes. 


Love and Pura Vida from Texas,






that is so cool! On the move and doing big things. it is good to know somebody is interesting:P
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