The Ties That Bond...

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Family. It means so much. It's value... immeasurable. The ties that bond us. Yet these ties of family bonds don't necessarily always come from direct blood, but by merged relationships of love or simply so much love for someone that they become family. No questions asked. 


Robert and Jen are an incredible foundation of love and support for one another. Their three children a merger of that love. They are adventurers and lovers of life. Rob has recently retired from the Air Force and continues to serve his country in his new job. He was a friend and an advisor for me during my time in North Carolina. He has a very calm center it seems and people seem to be attracted to that calmness and the clear approach he takes to tackling problems. Jen is an incredibly giving person, always volunteering to take care of my rescue pup, Barney (and his never ending hair), when I needed to travel. Romo, their canine, became Barney's best friend. And I must also thank Jen for the fun nights of karaoke and dancing of course! ;)


In the end, our family has landed in the hot plains of Texas and Rob & Jen are headed to Nevada. Though states apart, they will always be friends... and our ties that bond us will remain. 


Thanks for the great adventure! You guys rocked it hiking out to Raven Rock. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people! 


Pura Vida & Indigo Love, 





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