I'm in a New York State of Mind {Rockwall Lifestyle Photographer}

January 04, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It is no secret to those that know me best, that I have a deeply-rooted love affair for New York City. To me, it always represents such a melting pot of rich diversity, culture, food, fashion, art, languages and well... chaos. Every time I go I am inspired by the simplest of things... the cabbie from Nepal, the window displays on 5th Avenue, the larger than life television displays in Times Square, the old Brooklyn Bridge leading out of the city, Lady Liberty standing proudly... the list is simply endless. 

This year we accomplished one of our "Bucket List" items. New Year's Eve in Times Square. It was a phenomenal experience. Being surrounded by the positive and hopeful energy of thousands of people is completely intoxicating. As this, now famous, ball drops to the beat of seconds... the crowd belting along in sequence... you can feel the energy intensify, it was palpable. And then, it was over. In a rush of lovers kissing, children jumping, people singing... the aftermath was just as beautiful to me.

I created a project celebrating JUST New York. The 'hero' of these images is the city itself. The buildings especially. Enjoy my special project on such a magnificent city. 

Amor y Pura Vida, 






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