BREAK FREE from Negativity and Rejoice! {Rockwall Lifestyle Photographer}

March 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

Barbed Wire. Forcing us to remain confined or in some cases, 'protecting' us from what can come within. Or is it really?

Barbed wire has come to symbolize oppression and denial of freedom. I was surrounded by it for a couple of years (in our case, trying to keep bad guys out). Its' presence always seemed oppressive to me, regardless of intended purpose. 
For me the battle lies in the spiritual denial of freedom at times. Constantly being attacked by negative attitudes, forces, energies, etc...yet, God has really given me spiritual freedom. Allowed me to cut through the barbed wire surrounding my heart, my life, and BREAK FREE! 
There will always be something or someone trying to hold you back. Don't let it. Perceive these things as 'barbed wire', trying to hold you in from your true potential, from the greatness God has planned for you. Take those wire cutters with you at all times and cut through. And although cutting through can sometimes lead to dangers outside the wire, it's the freedom in that discovery, the faith in that journey that really makes life worth living.
Amor y Pura Vida, 
"Would you believe me would you listen if i told you that
there is a love that makes a way, it'll never hold you back
so wont you break wont you BREAK FREE
get up and dance in His love
so won't you break, won't you BREAK FREE
get up and dance in His love"
~Hillsong United


Marjorie Firmin(non-registered)
Mi amor, que bella refleccion! Asi se habla!!! Te amo, mami
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