Blood Moon - The First Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014 {Rockwall Photographer}

April 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Returning from a 16-day journey in Australia, my home of Texas welcomed me back with a majestic total lunar eclipse. I was concerned when the weather was gloomy and rainy all of Monday morning, but by the evening we had a very chilly and perfectly clear night. I decided then I would push through and stay awake to try and capture the Blood Moon. 

Read more on the science of lunar eclipses HERE:

I took images throughout the evening and into early morning, finishing at around 4:10am. I made a simple composite that really extentuated the main phases the moon passed through. 

SIGNED PRINTS of this composite image can be purchased. Just contact me on the site and let me know size up to 8x12, and where you are located. 

Enjoy and be looking forward to the next FULL lunar eclipse in October!



The Blood Moon of April 2014




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