Life. It is a gift. It is a miracle. It is simply magical. From the creation that occurs within the womb and all the expectations that our heart prepares for, the introduction to a new little human life into our lives changes everything.

Let Indigo Peaks capture this exclusive and exceptional moment in your life! 

Pura Vida y amor, 



Session Length: 1.5-3 hours.

  • I take in minimal clients to allow for a unique and focused experience. With newborns, nothing is rushed. Baby has plenty of time to cuddle with mom, eat, and sleep! 

Session Fee: $150

  • The best time to bring a newborn into the studio is within its' first 2 weeks of life! Be sure to contact me in advance so we can be prepared once your bundle of joy arrives!
  • I have a very open and comfortable in-home studio currently, in Royse City. We are situated on 2 acres, where I have the comfort of shooting newborns outdoors when the weather allows!
  • For $25, I will travel to your home with my gear and set up. Many new moms find this a very appealing option if they are uncomfortable leaving the house in the first few weeks after baby's birth.
  • CONTACT ME for more information!